Breaking the Silence

You may have noticed its been a few days since my last post but it has not been a silence for sinister reasons.

In fact quite the opposite and things have been going well, mentally at least. Physically is a different matter as once again my body lets me down but ho hum pop some nurofen and the pain goes for a few hours 😀

I have done no writing or reading since last week so need to catch up but it has been a nice break for me spending time with the kids and wifey, let alone finishing assassin’s creed 3 and playing it so much I look at trees in terms of whether I can scale them like I have to in the game!

Anyway below is a picture containing something really cute, and a little kitten called Izzy who is a new addition to the moose family.

Really cute! oh and the kitten aint bad either

Really cute! oh and the kitten aint bad either


She arrived at 3am on Saturday morning courtesy of my mum bringing her home from the Isle of Wight where she was my brothers kitten and she was my present to Sheryl for Christmas!

19 hours later and we had to rush her to the vet hospital as she was choking and £126 later we brought her back, now it is amazing how much cuteness can wear off for £126 but I decided against sending her out to work to recoup the money and instead have cuddles with her.

World meet Izzy, Izzy meet the world.


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