Sleeping Moosety?


Tired looking Moose!

The photo above was taken this morning after another night of only 3 hours sleep.

Check out the bags under the eyes and note the smiling happy face!

I need some serious beauty sleep (hence the title sleeping Moosety – see what I did there?) but not sure if I can get away with sleeping for a month.

On the plus side I no longer need to pay 10p for a bag for life from the supermarket and can carry the shopping under my eyes!

When you see a photo of me looking like this and a photo of my beautiful wife you realise how awesome my personality must be.

My lovely cat is the reason for my lack of sleep, as she is in season again she has now decided walking through the flat making an annoying noise is going to get her laid! In fact it is only going to result in her getting a size 8 shoe up her backside.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if women walked around making these noises when they were in season, would certainly make the dating game a lot less painful for us men! Would be amusing at least to see the number of videos uploaded to youtube of horny women dragging themselves around the carpet mewing!




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