Breaking Light


The View from my window at 8am


I went to sleep at 4 this morning only to be woken up at 7.45 by the ever so quiet Brandon slamming the front door behind him on his way to school!

I love my boy to pieces but he couldn’t be quiet in a sound proof room and so here we are sitting up far too early feeling incredibly tired and yet….

As I looked out my window this morning to have a ciggie I was somewhat awestruck by the image of the sun breaking through the darkness. Sorry if the photo does not look great was taken with my phone but in the flesh the scene was beautiful.

It was like the sunlight was trying to reach me to show there is light despite the darkness of depression. The calmness of the morning was serene. It made me think of all the wonderful people in my life, 99% of them I have never even met in real life, being that light trying to brighten my darkness with their support and love for me.

An hour later and the sun is nowhere to be seen, the rain has started falling and the silence is broken by the wailing of sirens and yet I am focusing on the earlier imagery and how inspiring it was to me!

I may even attempt to write one of my unfinished (and almost not started!) books today, assuming I can stay awake long enough 🙂

My Christmoose present to myself today

My Christmoose present to myself today


I even treated myself to a new t-shirt this morning I was that inspired! Hell it was free on vistaprint besides a few quid postage and even I have £4 in the bank (actually I had a whole £7 LOL)

6 comments on “Breaking Light

  1. I’m noHope you got some writing done. Jen t a morning person either. But that view is a damn good reward. Glad to you you embrace nature with a ciggie…lol


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