Poor Iain Duncan Smith has a chest infection and as a result my meeting with him has had to be cancelled!

Must be bad if he cannot go to work, I mean he is really lucky he hasnt had mine for the past 5 weeks or we would all be in trouble.

I bet he is also grateful he has not had an appointment at the Job Centre or with ATOS or there would have been sanctions against him!

Hopefully it will be rescheduled for January

In other news I have been asked by to write a piece on depression and Christmas which makes me very proud to have been asked! My last piece on the site had over 18000 views!

And my mood today is definitely on the up. Despite losing money last week we have almost finished our shopping for Christmoose and have a tree overflowing with presents for the first time ever! The kids are being spoilt this year because they usually get very little and deserve more! Heck I even bought Sheryl and the cat something.

Only one person doesn’t have anything under the tree and guess who that is… 😦

But besides tiredness, even though I just had 3 hours sleep!, things are good!

Losing myself in Assassin’s Creed 3 until 3 am most days takes my mind off of life and away from the buzz of bingo woot woot!



9 comments on “IDS is ILL

  1. N’aww I’m sure there will be some for you too come christmas day! (sorry, christmoose day)
    Good news about the article & you feeling better 🙂 xx


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