How are You?

Apart from Teresa feels like a long time since someone asked me that question.

It is not the case but because she messages me everyday it just feels like she is the only one who is really interested in how things are at Moose mansion.

Which got me thinking about how often we actually miss the signs that other people send us to show they are around.

Is it a case of people not being blunt enough for fear of offending us? Or that we chose to not see them reaching out?

I am guilty myself at times of wallowing in self pity enough to not notice that someone has commented on a post or liked it, a random tweet has been sent to me or even a poke on facebook.

These could all be signs from someone trying to get my attention in a subtle way and I don’t recognise it seeing as I am as subtle as a moose in a china shop 😀

“Woe is me, no one cares” is a regular moan although technically speaking I do not talk like a victorian nobleman but you get the idea yet I can look back and see attempts made by others to engage me and drag me out of down moods.

If you are one of those lovely folks who thinks I am an ignorant so and so for not seeing your attempts to speak to me please accept my apologies. Unless its wrapped around a brick sometimes it is hard for me to see!

For those who have asked “How Are You?” the truth is that I am not quite sure! Up and down on a daily basis is the best description I can give although even that is  not strictly 100% accurate sometimes the ups and downs happen on the same day.

I have noticed that my meds should finish tomorrow and I still have 10 left in the packet instead of one which is not ideal, not taking these daily is probably the reason why my moods are fluctuating so often and evidence that I need to make sure I am taking these for a while longer yet!

In other news I am off to visit the Right (Dis)Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP (not sure if MP means Member of Parliament or Massive Prick, guess it depends on the person) to discuss Universal Credits on Friday which should be interesting! Not expecting to get much in the way of decent answers from him in terms of what the government plan to do help people with mental health illnesses who will end up homeless and suicidal as a result of the changes but I can only make my voice heard and I intend to do just that!

Hopefully I will be able to blog about my visit and some of his answers, I will be using my own situation as the example to gather responses from him and I hope I can translate that into more information for some of you who are concerned about the changes.


16 comments on “How are You?

  1. Garry, I do read your posts almost every day and so many times I could comment but there’s a whole other life happening for me and it seems superfluous what I could offer to you. Over the past 2 months I have cashed in prize bonds, flogged jewellery (well, wedding & eternity ring from my now ex) and lived with my bank constantly trying to contact me. I have spent so many nights trying to sleep but can’t because of thinking too much and then so many days trying not to sleep. I live with the belief that things will improve and it will change because if I didn’t……………. So it seems I’m a selfish bastard, (actually I am one of those any way as I was adopted and the product of a fairly loveless situation between a student and a wide boy I believe 🙂 as i internalise all this shit. I want the world, my life, everything to be different. What does it take!! My son was 22 a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t even give him a present. He understands but that still doesn’t make me feel any better.


    • Hi Mary, im just one of those people who always feel like im being ignored when the truth is i dont pay attention enough 😀 Im lucky to have so many good people supporting me. As for the believing things will get better we got to have some sort of hope to cling to dont we 😀 xxx


  2. You are not ignored. Sorry for the offload but its just, you know! I hope the lip ring isn’t hurting so much and hey! the glasses look cool. I’m a speccy 4 eyes too 🙂


  3. How are you? I do read your posts n stuff, but I don’t comment much because I am dealing with my own husbands rather all pervasive depression which he ignores. He took himself off the meds because he ran out of a script but would not go back for a check up with the GP.
    I have had to up my dose, just to deal with him and look after my two little kids


  4. Did I hear glass shattering and a thud? I think that was the brick coming through your window all the way from Australia. Shane Warne is my brother. I take SSRI’s or whatever they are and I forget sometimes too. Be both need to try not Jen xx


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