Reflecting on my 33rd Year

Today (29th November) I turn 34 and a new chapter of my life begins so what better time to look back and reflect on my 33rd year and what I have done in that year.

This time last year I was still convinced denial was a river in Egypt (the Nile geddit?) and hiding away my depression from everyone including Sheryl.

I was a shadow of my former self spending 20 hours a day playing mafia wars on Facebook and miserably attempting to coach a kids football team with no enthusiasm from me and the children!

I believed I was unique in the problems I was experiencing and didn’t want to share my fears with anyone as it was “just a phase” and that I could “snap out of it” myself.

You all know the window story and how it could have all gone wrong but here I am awaiting another birthday when at times I didn’t expect to see another.

So since turning 33 what have I achieved?

Biggest thing was actually realising that I needed help and seeking it = win for Moose

second thing was starting this blog to help myself and others = win for Moose

publishing two books = win for Moose

making new friends on twitter, Facebook and the big bad world outside my flat = win for Moose

helping other people with their depression = win for Moose

Quickly adding that up I make that a final score of..


Not sure about you but I make that a pretty good year overall despite some ups and downs I have achieved more than I could have thought at this stage last year!

Now join me in celebrating my birthday tomorrow and raise a glass of whatever you fancy in my honour while I sit back and watch the donations and presents pile up! ****

*** actually all I am expecting is a kindle cover but thats kinda exciting too right? 😀

17 comments on “Reflecting on my 33rd Year

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mr Moose, happy birthday to you! Pardon the singing, not got the best singing voice Haha! Hope you have a good day


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  3. happy birthday… hope you get a ‘wife’, ‘children’, ‘house’ and all that you yearned for in your past post 😛


  4. I’m sorry that I missed it but I hope you had a good birthday! It’s great that you have so many positive things to reflect on from the past twelve months. We should all try this. 🙂


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