3 Am…

Once again the clock turns to 3am and I am sitting awake with a million thoughts running through my head.

None with any actual good suggestions as to where to go from here and how to improve my situation though.

I’m sick of being sick!

The man flu has been downgraded to a cold and a chest infection and it has drained me completely all I want to do is sleep at the moment. Problem is I get so tired during the day I end up sleeping for a couple of hours which makes it even harder to sleep come night time. But I have basically been ill since the 24th October so it is no wonder I am having a rough time recently is it?

It even got to the point where I was sitting at the table eating dinner the other night when I shit myself! barely a warning and not even time to make my world famous toilet dash! How is that for bringing you down another level when you cant even eat your dinner anymore!

So despite my best attempts at trying to be positive it seems everything is conspiring against me and once more my body is letting me down!

As it is getting colder and colder my arthritis in my left knee is playing up causing me pain that keeps me awake as well as the inability to shut my brain off come night time. Sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa is not helping matters either but im stuck there until a miracle happens and a suitable council property comes up and we are not in the 80s on the list! By that time the kids will have grown up and moved out!

But as it is thanksgiving time in America this week I wanted to say thanks to people who have stuck by me and seem to genuinely care how I am doing

In no particular order I give you

Liz Draper









debby aka saz




only one man in that group tells an interesting story although another does deserve a little mention as he has been there for me with messages of support so cheers to


thank you all for your support and kind words when I need them!

Hopefully November can go out on a high note because its been worse than October and that is saying something!

And as for my birthday – officially cancelled due to lack of interest and money!

14 comments on “3 Am…

  1. Hi Moose, I sent you a Birthday #mooserap to your contact email, maybe you did not get it 😦 was hoping it would bring a smile to your face ;)……shellx


  2. Morning Mr Moose, I hope you eventually managed to get some sleep? I seem to be saying I hope today is a better day a lot recently to different people, I think there’s something in the air, all the best


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  4. I can totally sympathise with the 3am wake up “call” I wish I could switch my brain off, just for one night!
    Have I missed the Moose birthday? So sorry, hope you managed a half reasonable day πŸ™‚ x


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