Universally Screwed by Universal Credits

WARNING CONTAINS SWEARING!!!! I make a massive effort not to swear on this blog but needs must this time apologies for anyone offended but you have been warned!

April 2013 will see some massive changes in the benefits system in the UK thanks to the genius of Iain Duncan Smith who has decided that the poorest and most vulnerable people in this county can go fuck themselves

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Yes folks this smug looking wanker who is currently the secretary of state for work and pensions also known as IDS is getting ready to screw everyone regardless or ability for work and mental health state and force everyone off benefits and into work.

The universal credits system will mean even more financial hardship for anyone unfortunate to be unable to work as the government caps the weekly level of benefits to £500 a week per household.

Sounds a lot doesn’t it £500 but consider that this includes housing benefit which for many people is a massive percentage of their benefits. Not forgetting the guaranteed fact that every year our rent increases so as the credit system kicks in we will all find ourselves even further worse off! But don’t worry we can use the other benefits we struggle to live off to fund the shortfall in our rent payments.

Eventually we will be forced to decided if we buy food, get electric, get gas or pay rent before we are evicted!

And still the good news comes..

Child benefit, tax credits (family and working) and state benefits such as Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) payments will now come as one big payment and instead of weekly and fortnightly payments currently allowing people to get through each month we will now get a single monthly payment.

Which means that when the system is rolled out we will end up going a month with no money until the end of April when the first payment will be made!

From what I can gather the job centre is planing for this by making loans available to help the transition period but that money will still need paying back putting us worse off even more until the arrears are paid!

Now I am all for capping the benefits if it means people are going to find work BUT while we continue to have no immigration policy in this country and let everyone from eastern europe come into the UK and take away the jobs from the people how the hell are we expected to find work! Let alone the fact that we are not even fit for work that doesn’t come into the equation at all.

The way the new benefits system will work is that we will be FORCED to take any job suggested by the useless people at the job centres who don’t really give a shit about finding suitable work for you.

It is not an option it will be mandatory!

The plan is that you will be told to spend 35 hours a week looking for work or being sent on courses etc for 5 days a week so eventually you are working. Failure to do what the dictatorship tells you will result in sanctions for a first offence you will lose benefits for 13 weeks the second offence will see you lose benefits for 52 weeks.

And the real kick in the teeth is that it will not be ESA or JSA that is stopped but EVERYTHING!

So not only will you have not a penny in income you will also not have rent paid either! for up to 3 years if you are sanctioned for the 3rd time!

No imagine you have a child say late teens who is out of work, his benefit claim affects yours now. Say he then misses an appointment with the job centre and ends up being sanctioned, guess who else suffers? yep you do!

So what happens then? do you kick them out the house because their actions mean you have no income coming in? crazy as that sounds IT DOES HAPPEN!

Soon there will be a huge homeless problem but luckily for us there are 1000s of empty council properties available (explodes from sarcasm overload!)

Realistically we will have 3 options as a result of this benefit overhaul

forced into work



Extreme isn’t it but not as out there as it sounds! we already know of people who have taken their own lives because of the states treatment of them in terms of benefits!

The fuckers who supposedly work for the people who elected them into parliament are conspiring to screw us with no lube and no cuddle afterwards! The same people who are being investigated for fiddling expense claims, having multiple houses and money in the bank have decided the only way for Britain to get back in track is to systematically fuck us when we need their help the most! Heaven forbid that we go after the banks that we bailed out yet continue to pay millions in bonuses!

As for Iain Dickhead Smith he is worth a reported £1 million according to his wiki page and has had such a successful career in politics that when he was leader of the Conservative party he was forced out by a vote of no confidence from his party! Yet he is now likely to have more blood on his hands than the worst serial killers seen in the UK!

Some quotes for IDS taken from interviews he has given…

In January 2012 Duncan Smith said that imposing a planned £26,000-a-year benefits cap would not lead to a rise in homelessness or child poverty. He admitted that peers may want to “vent” their feelings over the cap, the equivalent of £35,000 before tax, but said it would help families who are trapped by a dependence on benefits. “The reality is that with £26,000 a year, it’s very difficult to believe that families will be plunged into poverty – children or adults,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “Capping at average earnings of £35,000 before tax and £26,000 after, actually means that we are going to work with families make sure that they will find a way out.”

He added that there would still be some flexibility in the system to help struggling families who were genuinely attempting to get back into work. Mr Duncan Smith said: “For people who fall out of work, we have always said there will be discretionary measures to make sure that this does not punish people but we make sure that we help them to change their circumstances. “For those who are doing the right thing who have fallen out of work, we will support them and make sure they get back to work. “Councils will be able to work with certain key families who may need a little bit more time to make some changes to their circumstances while they push them through the cap and into new housing.”

My message to this cunt and the other wankers who make up the political parties is for them to try and live on £26k a year and see how they manage to survive – hell i suspect they might even only be able to afford one house – the horror!

Sorry for the language but sometimes only certain words can be used to really express the feelings!



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