Man Flu Update

Yes I am afraid to say that I am still at deaths door with this man flu remember if you have time to pray for moose!

Sheryl and Lilybet are really having a rough time of things especially Lilybet. Her cough is so bad now she is bringing up crap but doesn’t help that she cannot blow her nose properly and sniff up instead of blowing which then sits on her chest.

Meanwhile Sheryl appears to be auditioning for the part of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer/ Alice Copper that lady is lucky I love her looking like that I tell ya!!

Meanwhile our finances go from bad to worse but we are determined to have a good Christmoose this year not long to go now where has this bloody year gone?

I havent started my new book still – what with being on deaths door from man flu having a hard time concentrating on much besides i made the mistake of noticing my other books have sold 1 copy this month and lost the inspiration. Has my 15 minutes of being famoose come to an end?

And to end a litty ditty based on my man flu


I’m dying with a runny nose,

a sore throat and a cough,

I am sick of this man flu

and wish it would just fu… go away :0)

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