Brilliant Blog Award

My bestest blogging friend weegee has kindly nominated your truly for this award and it’s been a long time since I accepted a blog award. A couple of others have nominated me in the past month or so but I cant remember who or where the posts are (1000 apologies to you but I do appreciate the nominations!)


not too sure that “brilliant” goes with my blog but I need cheering up and this has done the trick! At least I am off my death bed to do the post!

I have to write about 7 things I believe in which is easier said than done so here goes…

1. I believe in ghosts

I have experienced things going bump in the night on a couple of occasions firstly I was watching a famous boxing match one night where one of the fighters was nearly killed and ended up in a wheelchair for life. The pub I was watching the fight in was once owned by a boxer who had died in the ring and was known to haunt the place, throwing glasses off the shelves etc.

As we sat watching the fight on the big screen at the exact moment that the punch hit the boxer that knocked him out and ended the fight a massive crack appeared across the tv screen!

2. I believe what goes around comes around

I have hurt a lot of people in my life particularly when I was in my late teens and early twenties (not something i am proud off!) and I believe I am suffering now as a result

3. I believe everyone has the right to express their opinions

rightly or wrongly this country and the world in general has become too politically correct and trying to stifle the opinions of those which are considered “wrong” its sad that people are bullied into thinking one way by the press/governments.

4. I believe in love at first sight

Sheryl – enough said!

5. I believe in treating people as you wish to be treated

if only i followed this earlier in life!

6. I believe that eventually things will improve

False hope perhaps but if I didn’t cling on to this belief I would never get out of bed in the morning (who am I kidding afternoon not morning!)

And finally

7. I believe that everything happens for a reason

If it is meant to be it will be! somethings only happen at the right time when your circumstances are perfect and the planets aligned!

Thanks Weegee you made the right choice 😀

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