May Day May Day…… Moose Down

We have an emergency situation here at moose mansion.

Sheryl has a sore throat, runny nose and a cold.

Lilybet has a really bad cough, runny nose and a cold.

And I have exactly the same symptoms as both of them with one major difference.

I have MAN FLU!

Yep you heard that right and as we speak a black cross is being painted on the front door to warn people that man flu is in the area!

It is such a serious condition that there is a drink available in the aisle of sainsburys for this exact purpose here

There was also major research into the illness that proved men suffer worse than women! I suspect it was men who carried out the research…

I am not sure how much longer I have left on this planet as (cough cough sneeze fart) I am dying

The words on my tombstone should read as follows

“Its not just a cold it is man flu, don’t you realise how serious this is?”

followed by

“died due to lack of sensitivity to the serious illness called Man Flu!”

And once I am gone could someone please tell Sheryl to “snap out of it you only have a cold!”

7 comments on “May Day May Day…… Moose Down

  1. Sending up triple time prayers. Lord help Sheryl! (You’ll be fine Moose… drink lots of water and eat chicken soup).


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