Back From the Brink

Today is gonna be a good day, the start of a good week, and hopefully the start of a great November (well the rest of it anyway)

I feel absolutely shattered but went for a nice walk in the rain to clear away some cobwebs and spend some pennies in Sainsburys** and can not feel my arms as the shopping bags were bleeding heavy.

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks about things from my past that may or may not have caused me to be depressed and whilst there are things I do not want to write about some of them for fear of hurting others I am more aware of where I have been as a person and proud of where I am now.

A lot of mistakes have been made by myself that hold me back now both personally and professionally but I am determined not to dwell on them and do things my way (sounds like a good idea for a song! wonder if its been done already?)

But this week I am excited and not because of something happening to me but rather something that is happening to a dear sweet friend of mine, someone I am proud to have in my life who has been through a rough time recently. I hope this week, and next brings her lots of joy because without her friendship I would not be here today! I wont name her but I am pretty sure she knows who she is.

Exciting things for me will happen in time of that I am confident, I have enough support and prayers going up for me to not have a little bit of faith in good times ahead.

I am excited about this amazing book idea I had it is gonna make me the most famous depressed moose in the world (evil laughter) but unfortunately there is no software available yet to take the ideas out of my head and put them into a word document so I will have to get cracking soon before the idea disappears.

And of course there is the big event in 17 days where all my followers and friends send me shed loads of presents to open! 34 soon sigh I still think of myself as a 18 year old but then those were the days when I was in my peak not like today when I have the body of a 70 year old! (apologies to any 70 year old readers)

So what have you got to be excited about? a new “friend”?  a birthday? the Christmoose season? there must be something in the near future to get you excited***

Lets start this week feeling positive and hopefully good things will follow Lord knows we could do with a break!

** other supermarkets are available

*** it is ok to admit you’re excited by my new book I wont punish you for it 😀

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