The Worst Sound Ever?

This morning I am undecided if the worst sound ever is the noise of the clock ticking when you can’t sleep or the noise of Brandon shouting on his Xbox microphone at 7.30 in the morning when you have only been asleep 3 hours ffs

The cycle of not being able to sleep at night is back again and I am back to the 3-4am at the earliest of finally going to sleep so could really do without Brandon shouting so early in the morning especially on weekends when he doesnt have to get up for school!

Usually he goes to his mums over the weekend but she didnt have him this weekend so he is here driving me “nucking futs” with his selfishness.

The in-laws have had the winter bug doing the rounds so yesterday I looked after Lilybet while Sheryl went to work for 3 hours, so from 1 till 7 I was kept busy and the girl does not stop!

Fun as it was she woke up at 10am and did not go to sleep until 2am with no sleep in between, which meant no afternoon sleep for me and then I was overtired and could not sleep myself.

As much as I complain about being alone on the weekends, which is usually the case with Brandon at his mums and Sheryl at her mums with the kids I much prefer them being out of the house than here bugging me! I can usually catch up on my lost sleep and watch as much live football as I want without being hounded and woken up at silly o clock.

Not to mention I don’t have to feel guilty for sleeping during the day as there is no one here to complain about it.

I started my new book on Friday! so far I have the title page and the copyright page done 😦 but seeing as I have not sold a paperback this month I am no rush to get another one out there, I mean whats the point if the others are not selling? or is that just the depression talking again? seems to be winning more often than not lately!

And as we edge closer to Christmoose I am desperately seeking ways to raise money to cover the cost, I am thinking public appearances at xmas parties I am fairly cheap just need travel expenses, fee for appearing and a bottle (or 2) of Jack Daniels any takers?

Failing that its gonna be have to back to the selling my body game again – last time I did that I had a special offer on of a free rash with every purchase but for some reason it did not take off***

Happy remembrance Sunday – I recently found out my great grandfather fought and survived the somme and galipoli battles of the first world war – two of the most brutal battles of the conflict!

The Moose salutes all members of the armed forces past and present who have fallen fighting for us!

3 comments on “The Worst Sound Ever?

  1. Hi again Moosey. I don’t know whether your doc has ever mentioned it, or whether maybe you’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked, or it’s not suited to you. Have you ever been on Amitriptyline? I am on those and find they work well for me, and help me to get to sleep. Perhaps worth asking if not already tried/on those?


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