I have been thinking of ways I can support other people especially those in a position where they feel like they have no one to turn to in times of desperation.

With that in mind I have a mobile phone contract up for renewal and have decided that I want to do more for people and use the number as a little support option for people to ring me or text me if they need someone to talk to.

It would be nice if people could have a number they could text or call if they felt the samiritans could not help them wouldn’t it?


Is it something people would be interested in or am I just overestimating my abilities to help others? Is it too much of a commitment?

I am well aware of amount of work involved but feel like it could benefit other people if there was someone at the end of a phone who knew what they were feeling or going through.

Interested to hear your feedback because I would love to be able to reach out and help more people.


11 comments on “Dial-a-moose

  1. Think about yourself though in this Moosey. Think about how it might affect you to have other people on at you about their problems all the time. There’s a reason Samaritan volunteers only work a couple of hours a week. It is a massive emotional burden. You’re such a gentle kind hearted person but don’t spread yourself too thin. Xx


      • I think you’d need to think seriously about what times you’d be available. I know how important sleep is to you and how much you struggle with it sometimes so being woken up by a call at 10 in the morning when you’ve only got to sleep a few hours previously may drive you a bit mad!


  2. I agree with Bourbon. Although I do agree that someone who has been through, or going through the same life issues as you are,
    can do wonders to help you make it. Having a number that they can call day or night 365 days a year is not realistic, even for someone with as big a heart as you ! Have you considered becoming a Samaritan yourself? A couple of hours a week sounds like just the right balance between filling your need to help others who are going through what you are, and keeping what little peace you have managed to find for yourself.
    ❤ you bunches for you desire to help others, but will be the first, or second in this case, to say no, this is not a good idea !


  3. Morning, you seem like a nice fella, I know you want to help others but are you sure that this won’t be too much for you? If you’re sure about this idea then good luck with it! Best wishes


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  5. I agree with what’s already been said – I think this might be a bit much to take on. I know you have a massive kind heart, but I’d worry about you doing this xoxox


  6. Can agree with some of the above, first and foremost you are the most important person in all this. To give the callers confidence, you may have to brush up on a bit of law and what professional help is available. But I’m sure you could do it, maybe with backup from Mind?
    That said, it is a lovely idea, and shows how you want to be there for others 🙂 xx


  7. Its a very nice gesture moosey, but you would need some training, you cant just take others issues on board like that, it will effect you even if you think it wont. After a few weeks of ongoing phone calls, you’ll start to get burn out, if you arent trained and skilled to deal with the emotional turmoil. I know, I work on childline, we get 9 weeks training and lots of supervision before we’re ever allowed to take a call ourselves. The samaritans work in the same way. They get 8 weeks of training before they go on the phones. And a shift for volunteers on childline is four hours, and on sams its 3 hours.


  8. That isa lovely idea, butthere is the risk of the number getting into the wrong hands, and you need to think of yourself


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