Some Good News at Last

Finally after two weeks the black cloud has moved on and my spirits are lifted!

I even had a brainwave for a new book idea that I need to get started on in time for the Christmoose market.

It is a great relief to feel better though and have something positive to say for a change seriously at times I even piss myself off with the negativity and judging by stats on the blog my readers too 😀

So where now?

Hopefully I can throw myself into the awesome book idea and get crackalacking with it, starting is always the hard part but I have lots of ideas about it that mean it is going to be the 3rd best book ever written by a depressed moose – behind the other which by now all of you have bought – right?

Some lovely people have really surprised me over the last 2 weeks with their generosity, kindness and support whereas others shocked me by staying away but that is human nature I suppose and luckily I only hold grudges for a few weeks 😀

One thing I would like to ask you is if you have any suggestions for posts you would like me to do, as long as its something I have experience off I will write about it so please drop me a line via the contact page and I will get my backside into gear!

Happy Thursday folks

6 comments on “Some Good News at Last

  1. Hmmm… how about posts on where you have come from? Any sort of childhood posts… teenage posts…. that sort of thing? How you became the lovely man you are now 😉 xx


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  3. Hi Mr Moose. Good to hear you’re feeling much perkier. I think people need different levels of support from other people. Also those with different mental health conditions may be battling themselves and may not feel up to offering support when it’s taking everything they have to stay strong. I understand what you’re saying that you personally need people. And it seems that you’ve had lots of support. Best wishes


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