On the Happy Trail

Today is the first day in 10 that I have felt slightly optimistic, that the black cloud has moved on just enough to give me some breathing space to try and reflect on where I am at currently and where I need to be.

I HATE feeling low and unable to help other people but it was nice that a few people reached out to me and helped me, always great when help is returned and I am thankful to those of you who dropped me a line.

Unfortunately for me I am obsessed with numbers and stats so I always feel bad when the blog numbers drop, even more so when comments stop being made because it causes you to doubt yourself and as we all know self doubt is a major issue for me, I wont even mention the book sales or I will be crying (sniff sniff woe me woe me) but been a while since any copies have been sold.

Training for the 10k run is still waiting to take off due the down period I have been in but since I still have 7 months I am not worried about that too much, remember to donate though 😀

I need a night out though, more than anything I wish for my birthday that I could take Sheryl out for a nice romantic meal followed by a night dancing, drinking and being along together my oh my I would give anything for it. We have a restaurant in Gants Hill we go to on the rare occasions we go out called Don Pietros and the food there is wonderful! If you are in the essex area near Gants Hill I highly recommend it especially the Veal!

And as a massive Godfather fan you gotta love the quote “try the veal!”

Anyhoo back to the real point in hand.

Today I feel better and I hope it lasts a while, I am sick and tired of being tired. Although not as much as Sheryl is perhaps. She truly is a blessing to me poor woman puts up with a lot from me and she is still here for me looking beautiful.

Tomorrow I am hoping that I can actually get back to annoying celebrities on twitter and promoting my books, shop and just giving page lord knows I need to become a better promoter and a writer again. I miss the creativity and release that writing gave me back in the heady days of August and September when I was writing full time!

So for now welcome back Moose lets get back on track together and if you need support – come and find me!


11 comments on “On the Happy Trail

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  2. Still as brave and honest as ever Moose, you said you want to get back to helping – you never stopped really, your honesty with your writing helps us who also stumble a bit after thinking we are on a non-stop journey forward. xx


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