“Thank You”

There is some kind of magic in those two words especially when it comes in the form of a message from someone who has taken the time to send you an email expressing gratitude at something you have written.

Recently I have felt like I have lost focus when it comes to my writing be it this blog or the forgotten novel, I don’t seem to interact with people as much lately either.

Anyway yesterday I received a lovely email from someone saying thank you for my honesty in dealing with my depression and it really means a lot to me that people do contact me about this blog. It really does inspire me knowing that someone can relate to what I write about even if that writing has been kinda crappy the past month or so.

Hopefully I can start speaking to more people again because moose gets lonely but I don’t always feel like reaching out to others so those of you who contact me when you notice I am quiet I thank you.

Thank God for Teresa, Roger, Liz, Helen and Cindy for keeping me sane this week!

11 comments on ““Thank You”

    • thanks Daan, sometimes its hard to keep focused without the like or comments especially when they drop down significantly and your depression starts telling you its cos your useless etc you that drill i guess 😀


      • I’m familiar with that. But then it’s a good time to reach out and share what you feel, so people can tell you that what your depression is telling is anything but true.


  1. I think our Moose is too hard on himself sometimes. You have always been there for others, you have been there for me. Depression is a wicked mistress/master, and it tells us blatant lies. Believe us real people, you are good, strong and loved, and even when we are quiet, we ‘travel’ together somewhere in the ether. xxxx


  2. Hi Moose, I notice when you go quiet but often think you may need your space so do not like to bother you but in future if I cannot hear moose for a while I will give you a shout (I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get a moosey chronicle for while 😉 I hope you are back on form soon …..shell:)x. P.s pmsl at the Fanuary comment 🙂


  3. Yup! It’s me again. And here I thought I was makin’ you crazy, not sane. And thanks for keeping at it! Gives me something to do late at night when I can’t sleep. 50 Shades has nothing on you. 😛


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