Moose Senses Tingling

I tried to explain to Sheryl how I feel today, I always try to let her know about my feelings to get them out in the open and off my chest to attempt to make me feel better.

Today though I have this strange feeling in the pit of stomach that either something bad is going to happen or something is going to go wrong and I cannot for the life of me put my finger on it.

It is almost like sensing impending doom I feel queasy but not sick, my IBS is playing up due to stress but I have no idea what I am stressing over besides this uneasy sense of “something bad is coming”.

There is something not right in the moose world today and it is bugging the hell out of me, worse still is the worry if anyone knows where I am coming from!

Money worries never leave me, health worries are always here so is it just the depression?

Sometimes I get overconfident in terms of my recovery and it likes to bring me gentle reminders that I am still a work in progress but this feels different.

Anyone else willing to decipher this because I’m baffled and frustrated!

12 comments on “Moose Senses Tingling

  1. Hi, I often get the same feelings, or at least similar. In my case it’s usually when i’ve been thinking about 1 or 2 people in my family, and i’ve been worried about them. With me I think it’s linked into my potential OCD traits, as I have to check on them to make sure they’re ok.


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  3. Hey man, this feelings is there because it’s there. You can think your ass off about it, but it’s not going to make it any better. Only makes it worse.

    In the back of your head obviously some alarm is triggered, for some reason. it’s called instinct, something which mooses possess very strongly πŸ˜›

    But all kidding aside, don’t worry about it. This kind of things are normal and it makes you normal. If something bad will indeed happen, you were prepared. If not, it’ll fade away.


      • Well, THAT’S depression for you. Thinking what’s happening to you is unique. Once you’ve fought your way thru the depression you’ll see that many people struggle with the same things and might even struggle with things worse than depression. You know what’s worse than a depression? Denying that you’re depressed. Only the fact that you acknowledged it makes you braver than 90% of the population, so be proud of yourself.

        You’re going to be okay.


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  5. I DIDN’T have such a feeling yesterday, and something very bad happened.

    I’d feel better if such feelings were prescience, then they would serve a purpose. But they just hang there, do they not? And the day is like one would have wearing one of those protective x-ray jackets lined with lead.

    It’s needful to look at those feelings if we can – sometimes I cannot – and say to ourselves, ‘Oh, here is one of those useless ‘dread’ feelings that mean nothing. I might feel lousy, but I know it means nothing, and can be ignored.’ Out loud if need be. In the presence of others if need be.
    I know it’s not always possible experientially. But it works more often than not. The dread remains as a pain, but it loses it’s importance.

    And when the worst DOES happen – unannounced, almost always – it’s not as bad as our fears make it.

    Thanks for the post.
    Helps me.

    R. x


    • still have the feeling but more importantly i think i have solved the riddle and when it does it happen its gonna be expected and bloody painful LOL yes the riddle is kidney stones which i have had before and can feel the pains coming but until they get to the “danger” point cant do a thing.


  6. But you can Moose… you can start dissolving them by drinking cranberry juice and putting tablespoons of vinegar in all the water you drink. It will help them pass quicker with less pain. They are horribly painful. My prayers are with you…


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