A Quick Apology

Firstly thank you for all the well wishes yesterday and today!

After suffering from “the night of a 1000 shivers” I felt much better today unbelievably  14 hours since I woke up and my duvet is currently in the tumble dryer as it is still wet! thats how bad it was last night eek!

Thankfully I was well enough to attend the workshop today. It was important for me to attend the last one of the 3 as it is not often I get to meet people let alone go out for a length of time and I was pleased I was well enough to attend

And so the apology

I am a long way behind on reading other blogs and replying to comments so please bare with me while I play catch up with you and do not be offended if I have yet to reply to a comment. I am feeling better physically and mentally today and will get cracking tonight on reading blogs etc.

Thank you all for your continued support it humbles me on a daily basis!

19 comments on “A Quick Apology

  1. No need for apologies humble moose. Life must go on and there is more to it than blogging. Sounds like those sweats may have helped you…don’t forget to replace all of that fluid! Jen


  2. Im glad you are feeling better and made it to mind.
    Feel free to read and comment on my blog ( shameless i know) if you have time.


  3. I think most of us will agree, no apology needed. Just so pleased you are feeling better. The only worrying thing is, I thought you were a superhuman Moose, but you have a few human traits, ooh err. x 😉


  4. Glad you were able to attend the workshop! I know you were looking forward to it 🙂
    And obviously it’s fantastic that you’re feeling better!! In fact- it’s so fantastic that us lowly fans have no need of an apology!
    Take care ❤


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