10k run and other challenges

By now you would have read the post about my signing up for the 10k run in May next year.

It no big deal after all it is only 10km (or roughly 6.2miles) I hear you cry

But here is the thing that makes this a massive challenge for me and one that I am determined to achieve

I weigh 16 stone that makes me  5 stone overweight and obese my BMI is 34.1

I am 34 next month and have smoked pretty much since I was 16 although I started at 10 i wasnt a regular until16 so thats almost half my life smoking.

I want to give this up as part of my training so that is challenge #1

I have knackered knees that forced me to quit playing football 10 years ago and suffer pain even from walking on most days, this is also because of the weight I am carrying so challenges #2 and #3 are to lose weight and overcome the pain in my knees.

Challenge #4 comes in the shape of actually getting my fat lazy arse out the flat to actually do the training that it will take to ensure I can finish the 10km in a decent time and in one piece! I want to run this 10km not walk around the course.

Then  of course is challenge #5 which involves raising money for the charity. I have set my target at their minimum of £150 but am hoping from friends will smash that figure.

5 challenges in one event is not easy is it but I am confident that I will overcome every single one of them with the amazing support I get from people on twitter and facebook.

wish me luck!!

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