The Moose Strikes Back

I have lost my light saber so cannot take a picture and recreate the image from the empire strikes back so just use your imagination.

Today I am all over the place with restlessness up and down more times than a whore’s knickers but strangely I feel incredibly positive.

There are a million and one ideas flying around my head today and nearly every single one is about how I can help other people.

Be it just a gentle tweet of encouragement or a message to someone I feel like I have plenty to offer people in their own battles and I hope people know that if they ever feel alone I am always a tweet, DM or email away.

Now the issue is what to do with all these ideas in terms of settling on just one and making it work as opposed to starting loads of things. My brain doesn’t work too well with lots of unfinished things going on so while I work out the next project or plan of action I am going to focus on making YOU feel better. How does that sound?

I actually really want to start a new book maybe a second part of the diary is due the feeling of pride you get from turning your random posts into a paperback that inspires others is hard to explain.

So how can I help you today?

18 comments on “The Moose Strikes Back

  1. Open up your window and yell the melody to The Tequila Song

    In the meanwhile, let me say I think it’s a great sign. If I were you I’d write down the ones that really stand out of the crowd of ideas. And start with one and go from there.

    Starting multiple things and leaving them unfinished will ultimately lead to losing focus and disappointment. So don’t do that. πŸ™‚

    I am very happy, this post was filled with humour and I wish you all the strength you need to hold on to it! πŸ™‚


  2. Give crums to the birds,
    smile to a dog,
    make a child happy with a ‘dinky toy’ (do they still exist, or do i wish one for myself?)
    … and just smile throughout your day …
    that will make me happy.


  3. Want to help others, join I’m a group leader in UK Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Bipolar support groups. There is a group for depression, it really is awesome. It’s Liam BTW, this is my wordpress account.


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