Run for your life Moose!

I have registered to take part in the Bupa London 10,000  to raise money for Mind

This is a massive thing for me because we all know I am a fat git with knackered knees BUT this will give me something to aim for in the next months. The event is on May 27th and already my knees are screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

And so it begins – I have not run since I was a teenager and I was considerably lighter then! But I WILL do this and lose weight in the process.

You can donate here all donations would be amazing the minimum I am looking to raise is £150 but hopefully we can smash that figure please help spread the word!

It will be worth your donation to know how much pain and suffering I will endure to do something incredible in my life for once.

Who knows after 10k run the marathon could be my next goal in 2014!

Massive massive thanks to Liam who kindly donated the registration fee for me!

14 comments on “Run for your life Moose!

  1. Thats fantastic news. But please dont go at it all guns blazing, arrange your self a time table and ease your self in gently. dont want you getting hurt or anything like that


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