IBS Woes

Gotta love having IBS up top of all my other problems! so here is a shitty ditty for you all


Just once let me wake up in the morning

and not have to run for a shit

my life is hard enough lately

and this is getting me down quite a bit


I’ve only been up 20 minutes

and already on my 3rd visit

this is no way for a young man to live

please say it will get better, but will it?


It affecting all aspects of my life,

and its caused changes I dont like

I once would have been sponsored by durex

now I’m writing to Andrex


Wish I knew what was causing this problem

the stress and anxiety thats causing it

but for now one thing is for certain,

in more ways than one my life is shit!


17 comments on “IBS Woes

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  2. Oooh, been there too many times myself. Almost every day non-stop since I was 8, in fact. Nothing worse than your own body working against you like this. I appreciate the rhymes – better to joke than dwell! I think I may hold on to this one πŸ™‚


  3. I honestly feel your pain. I recently started taking Mebeverine (which you take 20 mins before meals) and it seems to actually have helped a bit. Dunno whether it’s worth you giving it a try? Mine’s like 90% anxiety 10% stomach, but it kind of helps the stomach bit a bit.


      • I like Mebeverine because it’s more preventative than loperamide, which is more of an after help. (I used to be a pharmacy assistant, not just a drugs nerd). The Mebeverine works to stop your stomach from spasming which causes the stomach pains and dodgy stomach. If you use loperamide too much, it can be counterproductive unfortunately. I hope you can find an answer. πŸ™‚


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