It Could be You, It’s Never me!

You know how you jinx yourself for writing about how good things are and suddenly it all changes.

“I’m feeling great!” click publish and suddenly you feel down again – that sort of thing seems to happen a lot doesn’t it.

Well today I have a cunning plan and it is genius in its simplicity

I’m going to write the following statement and it will change my life just you wait and see


so we can all guess what is going to happen now cant we!

Don’t worry I will not forget you all later when the numbers come in, I will post pictures of my all new hedonistic lifestyle.

And you thought I was just a pretty face!


16 comments on “It Could be You, It’s Never me!

    • wow well done you! i once one a football in a competition in the daily mirror LOL when it arrived it was punctured


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