Anxiety Be Gone!

Yesterday I attended a workshop run by Mind in relation to their elephant in the room community on Facebook. I have mentioned this little sanctuary before and if your on Facebook and not a part of this you really should be it is a place where people post about mental health and are not judged, it is a real welcoming community and one of my favourite places on Facebook!

Add the Elephant as a friend here you wont regret it!

So off I went traveling on the underground to Oxford Circus, arranged to meet someone at Nike Town in case she needed help and merrily we went on our way to the workshop! I even made sure I wasn’t it my comfy tracksuit bottoms for a change and dug out my new jeans!

And the interesting thing about this?

I felt no anxiety AT ALL!!!

For the first time in months, maybe longer, I was quite happy to be so far away from home, from a toilet, and meeting new people.

So why is no anxiety a good thing? Because no anxiety equals no IBS, which equals me not shitting myself in the street! Hopefully this will continue as the workshop is running for the next 2 Thursday’s as well as me having to attend a work placement session on Monday.

This week has been really good in terms of lack of anxiety and negative feelings yet today I am aware of a slight change in mood since I have woken up. Could be that it took a lot more out of me yesterday than I expected or anticipated but it won’t get to me. Being aware of the change makes it easier for me to attempt to fight back.

One thing that really made me smile was when a lady walked into the room yesterday, looked at me and said “you’re the depressed moose!” exciting huh my first moment of recognition woot woot



10 comments on “Anxiety Be Gone!

  1. Oh that’s great, glad it went well! And well done on becoming #famoose. I know I don’t need to do the hashtag thing here, but thought i’d give you a hand promoting it. Haha. All the best


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  3. I had a total stress meltdown last night, complete with a quart of wine and burned pizza. Then I woke up and wrote a song for church. Focusing on God helps me with my depression. Diet helps a lot, too. Strangely, I slept little and feel more awake today simply because I bottomed out yesterday. I usually don’t drink, it’s the first time in maybe five years that I got “happy”.


  4. Im really pleased for you. I wish my ibs was like that. It dosent seem to care if im anxious or not.
    What is the mind group? Im doing a mindfullness course at mine.
    Mind is soo helpfull usually.


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