New day New Week New Mood

During the night someone or something, depending on your believes, broke into my flat. They appear to have stolen my black cloud and tiredness and I am not complaining.

Today is the first day in what feels like forever that I have woken up and not felt tired! Even though I managed around five hours sleep I woke up at 7.30am and felt great! Not tired and not down (yet LOL)

I sat down last night and worked my back to where all the insecurities about my writing came from and found the trigger point. The review left by that nasty, spiteful, jealous bitch who claims to be my wife’s friend hereΒ since that day I have failed to even open the document for my novel.

So why has this one person got to me so much? The thinking behind it is that it was the last review left so whenever I view the page, to check the rankings because I am a numbers freak as we all know!, its there mocking me.

Today though I could not care less, she knew exactly what she was doing and the problems it would cause me because she is a depression sufferer herself and foolishly I took the bait, hook line and sinker.

Well “Law Law” today the line broke and the black cloud that you created has gone, hopefully on its way to you because Karma is good like that.

A few people reached out to me over the weekend and their support via email or DM means a lot to me, it is great for the ego to hear that you have helped others! Even better when they take the time to message you despite their own issues.

The next paperback I sell will be the 50th! And instead of the usual, “why haven’t I sold 51?” I intend to celebrate the fact that there are soon to be 50 of my books around the world, well in the UK and Texas but that still makes me an international seller! See focusing on the positives today!

What the heck I might even wash up today

Hopefully your day starts as well as mine has and if not come find me and I will spread some moose love around till the world seems a brighter place!

24 comments on “New day New Week New Mood

  1. So, great to here! Shifting the grey cloud can take some time and some determination but remember, you made it go away! You took control and decided not to let one negative comment steal your thunder any longer.

    Hang on to that!!

    Now go surprise Sheryl and do the dishes! πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi Moose, good fcr you “Don’t let the Bar Stewards…..there is another positive, this woman cannot take away your bubbly fun loving nature (despite what you are going through) and of course the great Moose sense of humour. Pleased your mood is brighter today:) now I’m off to play some cheesy 80s tunes very loud is moose willing to strut his stuff ?…..shellx


  3. It’s great that the black cloud isn’t with you. You deserve a day off. Lets hope it gives you more than one day off. Kat πŸ™‚


  4. Sometimes we have to find a way of blanking/cutting out certain people. I’m hoping my next blog (when I’m able to do it) I’ll be able to put into words how I’ve just done that. Keep going Moose, you give me hope. xx


  5. Wow. I can’t believe, considering the impact depression has had on your life, that you would wish it on someone else (regardless of what they have done to you). Especially as you consider yourself an advocate for victims of depression. I would not wish depression on my worst enemy.

    I know you only like comments that pat you on the head and tell you what you want to hear but when things like this happen you should really try to be the bigger person.



    • now this is interesting because I dont ever remember saying I liked posts that “pat me on the head!” this is the 2nd time you have appeared on my blog to have a dig at me so why dont you tell me whats really bothering you about me? obviously there is something


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