I have Found the Cure for Depression

Seeing is believing


The photo above is taken from the biggest newspaper in the UK. The Sun has gone with this unbelievable story which shows just how much ignorance there is when it comes to depression.

Who knew that you were immune to depression because you are a premier league footballer with millions in the bank.

It is as if depression knocked on their door, stepped inside their luxury homes and decided that they were actually to rich to have depression. It is after all an illness that only attacks the dregs of society like the cholera of this century.

And thus the cure has been revealed by The Sun and I can exclusively tell you all today

Having a model as a wife and being a millionaire will stop you being depressed!

Now I am off to see the Doctor and pick up my prescription of Β£50 notes as the antidepressants obviously wont work and once I have seen him I will see what Kelly Brook is up to.


18 comments on “I have Found the Cure for Depression

  1. A little tongue in cheek, but point well made. Pick me up some money at the Doc’s too please. Now off to find a male model……….


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  6. I’m not sure that the article is actually saying that rich people can’t have depression, more that they CAN have depression, although they do make it seem like a shock! Without meaning to cause offense to anyone, what else can we expect from the Sun! πŸ˜› I liked your point though, this story could’ve been shown in a much better “fight depression” way…


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