20 comments on “Fighting Feelings of Failure

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I live alone and when I’m low, everything suffers, especially the washing up! Sorry if you already know about this but try googling Depression Alliance, I am a member and have a pen friend through them who sends me lovely little cards. That might help you. They also have a range of leaflets that are aimed at family and friends which might help with Brandon. I am sure you will be on the up again shortly. x


  2. I’ve felt that way too, when I’ve had no inclination to do anything or be part of anything. I wish I could tell you there’s an quick fix! In my darkest days I’d just sit, blank and try to withdraw into my shell. I’m learning now to try the smallest of efforts.

    I’m scared of sinking deeper into the dark place, so I’ll set myself a task. Believe me, I have been in bed and been so daunted by the prospect of an entire day ahead of me that I wrote a list: 1. shower; 2. breakfast; 3. make up; 4 wash dishes. I told myself to just do the first thing on the list then cross it off. I didn’t and couldn’t think beyond the very next step on the list. But, it got me moving. No, I didn’t feel like dancing and singing, but I was moving. I was making myself move forward when I didn’t really want to.

    You have a fantastic sense of humour and a wonderful, warm honesty about you. The way you’re feeling now is the cloak of depression. Those who love you, know that. When they look at you, they see you underneath that cloak, they know you’re there. You need to try and see and feel that person again. Try little things to shrug off the heavy cloak. No, it’s not easy as that cloak weighs a tonne. But, on the days you can muster up some strength, try it. Your family and your blog and twitter friends will be there to support you.


  3. I think Em had wonderful suggestions for you. I have days when I struggle to get out my pj’s and out of the house. I tell myself it’s the depression and I’m not going to let it win. List making is so good because you can cross off tasks or make a list of accomplishments to refresh yourself. Try not to be hard on yourself during these times because it can worsen the situation. Hard I know!


  4. I agree with making a list. Maybe just 2 things on it to start out with.
    1. put clean clothes on
    2. message the kitty 🙂


  5. Things that you’re successful at:
    1. You made those two gorgeous kids.
    2. This blog and raising awareness.
    3. You’ve published two books, which is two more than most people, even people who dream of writing books.
    4. You’re always making sure that everyone else is okay and letting them know that you’re there if they need you.
    5. You’re a very brave person. A lot of people, understandably I know, let things get them down and keep them down, you’re not doing that. You’ve turned this illness around into an opportunity to help other people, and a thing to fight and beat. And in doing that you share a lot of things quite openly that other people wouldn’t be able to.

    Something my friend always does when she makes to do lists: She writes 1. Write a to do list, 2. Cross at least one thing off this to do list. Finishes the list. Goes back and crosses off the first two things on the list. Seems to work for her.

    Also, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


  6. Oi you. I agree with all of the above. You know you are awesome, right? Plus – you know where I am? You can drop me a line when things aren’t so good. Okay xxx


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  8. Sorry you’re feeling so negative. I’m catching up on all the posts I’ve missed, so I’m hoping that by now you’re feeling a bit better. You need to give yourself more credit – this blog, your TWO books, and all the people you help on here are all positives! Sending Ellie hugs, and that picture of brandon and elizabeth is so cute!


  9. Hi, from reading your blog even just over a fairly short space of time, I get the impression you are doing your best. I know that may not be a comfort to you right now when in a low mood, however I hope maybe that you see this during any good days. BTW I am crap at taking others advice myself also. All the best.


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