The Moose and The

Yesterday my open letter to depression was published on The Journal, a news website in Ireland. I was contacted about ten days by a lady who worked for them expressing an interest in using the piece in their “read me” section and I gratefully accepted the opportunity.

The post is here and let me tell you I have been amazed at the response received. Over 15000 people have seen the article and my blog broke all records yesterday for viewers! I had 833 views yesterday alone which beat the whole week combined and over half that figure came from Ireland.

The comments on the post really humbled me and I cannot thank people enough for the support I have received over this weekend.

The tattoo aside it had been a fairly rough weekend filled with hardly any sleep and worries about my lack of writing inspiration so this has come at just the right time to remind me of why I blog in the first place and reignite my belief that I am doing a good thing with being so open and honest about my battle.

To all my new friends from Ireland thank you so much for your kind words I hope I can convince you to have a long stay at my blog there are lots of great posts here, and in no way am I biased 😀


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