The Amazing Support of Strangers

It is a strange thing to accept when complete strangers offer you so much love, support and understanding than what you get from family and friends.

Twitter and WordPress are becoming so much more than just a place to be heard for me lately and I find so much support from people that at times it takes my breath away.

Is it a simple case of being surrounded by people with the same issues as me so they are more supportive because they understand more? They have been through the difficulties I experience and are more willing to share ideas or kind words to help?

It is so nice to see someone tweet about how bad things are and watch when people rush to respond in a positive light, it is like being part of a true community. You can write anything without the fear of judgement from friends safe in the knowledge that others will offer you words of encouragement because they know exactly how you feel. On Facebook I get little response if I write about how bad I am doing but this is not the case on twitter or WordPress. Although I have more “friends” on twitter and wordpress, my facebook account has around 180 friends but only 5 or 6 people who talk to me on a regular basis, and that is fine with me.

Twitter has been so much fun over the weekend, making new friends with people who follow me because of this blog. Do a search on twitter for #famoose and you can see a game a few of us played changing films titles, song titles and tv shows to include the word moose. I really had not laughed so hard for such a long time it was one of the best hours of my life for the longest time!

I hope I continue getting to know people on twitter better because some of these people really make me laugh, special mentions to the following who are top top people!





@st_jimmy_77 – inventor of #famoose


but there are many others who are always in my list as people who retweet links or are the first to reply to any tweet I send.

I thought I was doing something wrong on twitter but suddenly it is becoming a lot more fun for me than Facebook

It appears that people with mental health illnesses really do look out for one another and I for one love it!

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