Twitter Tips needed

I am not convinced I am using twitter to maximize the possible exposure to this blog so would like some tips from other folks please.

I see some people spend all day tweeting all their followers with links asking for retweets is that the way to do it? or is it better to just tweet once and hope people pick up on it?

Reason I ask is that I get annoyed when people tweet me their link when they have never even had a conversation with me and I would feel like a hypocrite if I started doing the same thing. Even though I do that to “celebrities” for a possible retweet but hey thats what they are on twitter for right?

And don’t even get me started on people who send me a DM with their blog links as soon as I follow them. Again am I missing a trick here and should start doing the same thing?

How do you use twitter to your advantage? I would love to know because I am very bored and need to do something today 😀

8 comments on “Twitter Tips needed

  1. I’m not sure really. I’ve noticed those messages before though on twitter, they seem almost automated? I haven’t checked the settings properly as I don’t really use the messages on there. Is there a way for you to send an automatic welcome to new followers?

    Also I don’t know whether you use it, but have you thought about using ? It’s really good for bookmarking things that you can reference again. You can also share things through your account to Twitter.


  2. Warning: my reply’s longer than your post but you did ask 🙂

    Yes! I grit my teeth when I get that DM from someone I’ve only just followed saying that I rock their world (really?) and here’s the link to their latest whatever. No, I never ask for RTs. I’d rather go out with a begging bowl.

    I sometimes search things that interest me, looking for new people to follow, such as #amwriting #reading #libraries #bipolar #depression etc. I engage with people I follow (not yet ALL!), responding to their tweets, or discussing mutual interests. I’ve made some great e-friends that way. Much needed by this isolated writer.

    I also use Twitter to catch up with news/information/reviews about writing/books/publishing/writers because I don’t buy all the newspapers and magazines and there are some useful articles out there. There are also times I use it to procrastinate or just amuse myself – and there are times when I restrict my Twitter use, so I don’t do that and get on with my work.

    Nicola Morgan has a Twitter guide in ‘Tweet Right’ – I think on Kindle. Also Grace Dent’s ‘How To Leave Twitter’. I look at all profiles (and often their blogs or websites) before following.

    I think stay as you are. The day you start begging for RTs and sending DMs with buy this/buy that on them is the day Twitter becomes hard work and not a pleasure for you. If you actually want it as a platform, you can look at the people you follow who seem to have got the balance just right. Some of the best books I’ve read this year, I bought because of their reviews. The authors weren’t even on Twitter. And these were first novels. I think that speaks for itself.

    All the best, Garry 🙂


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