Whats happened?

I cant write anything!

nothing seem right or good enough

my mind is full but my brain is empty!

I don’t like this one little bit!


Someone please give me some inspiration because I am lost and empty!

I need a project again to keep me busy

I can’t write anymore of my novel because I am convinced it’s a pile of crap as so many people haven’t got back to me with feedback since I sent them copies.

I got nothing! and its killing me slowly šŸ˜¦

16 comments on “Whats happened?

  1. go for a walk – clear your head. take deep breathes. crank up the radio and sing and dance.

    and for what it’s worth – the little bit of your novel that you sent me i LOVED and want to read more.


  2. I just had to get some “brain rest” the last few days. I didn’t post as much because my mind was so tired I couldn’t think. Some times we have to walk away from our projects for a minute and then come back refreshed. It is like the old saying “a watched pot never boils”.


  3. Just write the crap. If it’s crap, take it out. Just write. Sometimes just putting pen to paper and writing, “My writing is crap,” will lead you to something else. Besides, I doubt its crap because I think you are a great writer just from reading your blog.

    Hugs, Michele


  4. I think you may be trying to hard….relax (i know that’s easier said than done) and hopefully the words will flow after a while… fingers crossed.


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