Exercise does not help everyone

I did a brave thing today. I dusted off the scales in the bedroom and inserted batteries in them.

Well I say brave but probably stupid is a better term. Who knew that scales could talk! Mine said “ouch” when I stood on them.

So here is the bad news


yep that’s correct turns out denial is not just a river in Egypt

Okay Okay the truth

My weight as of today stands at a whopping 16 stone or 224lbs

Its official I am a fatty :0( well I have known that for a while but now I am telling the world

Naturally the easy thing for everyone to suggest is to exercise, after all it releases chemicals that improve moods etc etc

Here is the thing though Exercise is a massive trigger for me!

Let me tell you more, are you sitting comfortably? good then I will begin….

When I was a teenager football (soccer) was my life and I was pretty damn good at it too! I spent 4 years on the books of professional football teams, even went on tour with West Bromwich Albion and they wanted me to sign for them.

One day playing for my local team my studs got caught in the ground and my body went one way and my knee went the other!

I had an operation at 17/18 and the hospital lost all the notes from the op and basically that was the end of that. I continued to play for a local mens side until I was around 23 but the knee problems basically forced me to quit football altogether.

It got to the stage where I would train on a Tuesday and not be able to walk for 3-4 days afterwards, then play Saturday and the cycle would continue.

When you have played football from the age of 8 until 23 every week, as a kid 365 days a year and to have it taken away from you is devastating. Even something simple like walking causes me pain even worse in the coming months as I have arthritis now in my knees.

What makes it worse is the fact that I have not learned to deal with the change. I feel worthless because I cannot do the simple things like kick a ball with Brandon because of the pain. Imagine how that makes me feel as a parent always having to say no to playing football with him.

Anything that is considered an “impact” sport is out! which pretty much leaves swimming.

Except for 2 problems

1) I can’t swim

2) I am scared of getting in the water

This pretty much leaves dieting as my only option and thus far the “Junk Food Diet” I am on is doing nothing for the waistline despite improving my moods!


This BMI crapola doesn’t help me either – according to them my BMI is 34.1 which makes me obese.

If I search online my ideal weight for my height should be 154 lbs or 11 stone!

Check out the photos of me here and imagine me 5 stone lighter? I would look ill!

I am going to start an exercise regime of sorts with my weights and see if I can start dropping some lbs! If I can get down to around 12 1/2-13 stone I will be happy with that. Time to cut out the chocolate methinks

If we could all observe a minutes silence for chocolate…..

I will keep you updated. If i can get to 15 stone by Christmas I will be very happy thats a reasonable target isnt it? a stone in 3 months?

26 comments on “Exercise does not help everyone

  1. I think that blog was amazing. If I ever have the courage to do one like that, I’ll know I’m well on my way. Ain’t gonna happen yet, You have made me smile though, you also look like a (much) younger version of my husband !!!!


  2. Garry you are really brave posting that, I’ve also got a knee injury, I ruptured my acl ligaments back in jan, just lost 2 stone after being at the point where I had to do something back in May! Am back teaching dancing 2 nights a week now, you may find a bit of weight loss really helps your knee, good luck you can do it! Slimming world is great for men all the men in our group get fantastic losses worth a look if it helps you x


  3. I’m so sorry you had to give up football, it must’ve been horrible losing your favourite activity! 😦 your weights and eating more healthily sounds like a good plan, but I agree – 5 stone less would make you look ill!! Good luck xx


  4. That’s really tough. But I agree the cutting out of chocky will of course help and weight loss will help the knee. I need to get myself back in shape too!


  5. Aww moosie, massive hugs to you. That’s really sad about having to give up football. Could you get passionately into something like cycling or rowing? I don’t blame you for hating swimming! Also i suggest having a look at this book – i know it says ‘women’ but it’s just as relevant for men or indeed people of any gender. Gender inequality harms us all.


      • I wondered if maybe that might be a bit too tough on yr knees. Would an exercise bike be any different? On an easy setting, i mean, so there’s no danger of hills. You could set it up in the garden so that yr still getting fresh air! Weather permitting, of course. If not, what about the rowing? As far as i can tell it’s pretty much all in the upper body, innit? Most gyms have rowing machines so it’s not like you’d have to buy a boat or anything!


      • Nah, wiring yr mouth shut and/or depriving yourself of things you enjoy will only make you want them even more and/or leave you feeling more depressed – and that certainly won’t help anyone! What about yoga/pilates – you could get a DVD (or a *cough*illegal*cough* download?


  6. How about walking? You can tailor it to your knee and therefore (hopefully) not worry that it will cause you pain.My GP has actually asked me to try a brisk walk of 45-60 minutes every day rather than increase my medication. I haven’t tried yet but I did used to go to a walking group every tuesday for an hour and I have lost almost a stone despite still eating chocolate 🙂


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