The Broken Keyboard

My keyboard MUST be broken because I have lots of ideas about things I want to write about but when I sit down at the PC to type them out no words appear on the screen. Surely the fault is with the keyboard and not the person using it?

I am still waiting for about 5 or 6 people to give me feedback on my novel because at the moment I seem to have lost all momentum when it comes to adding to the story. I know where the plot is going and how it all ends etc but again I sit here and nothing happens.

I find the whole thing frustrating because they are so many things I have in mind to write about.

The good news is last night I won £300 playing bingo online so I can finally get my latest tattoo

My next Tattoo woot woot


It appears my luck has changed ever so slightly the past few days.

On Thursday night at 3am my cat was sitting on the window sill while I had a cigarette and fell off! I am on the 3rd floor of my flats! My heart was in my mouth as all I could hear was the “thud” the cat as she hit the ground below.

After the initial shock I rushed into the bedroom and woke Sheryl up and she went flying down the stairs in her pjs while i shined a torch on the cat. When the cat meowed at me as if to ask “what the eff am I doing down here?” I was relieved beyond words! Next time I complain about my luck please remind me of this incident!

The cat was unhurt and eventually my heart stopped pounding!

As for me I am going to try and fix the broken keyboard this week and hope I can find my writing voice again

8 comments on “The Broken Keyboard

  1. Cats have a way of messing with our minds. They know exactly what they can survive, it’s just attention seeking!!! lol. Going back to lots of pressies : what about a tin of Quality Street all wrapped separately, that would be alot of pressies 😉 x


  2. Cats have nine lives remember! 😛 I’m glad she’s ok though!! And great news about the tattoo, it looks great! I hate writers block, it is a horrible feeling, because all you want to do is write but the words decide to hide away in your brain! I read what you’ve written of your novel so far, and it’s going really well. I tried to think of some feedback to give you to help, but all I can say is that so far it’s great… I’m not sure that I can say anything that will help you with writing it – sorry 😦 x


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