Change of Sleeping Habits

Since Lilybet was born over 3 years ago I have slept on the sofa in the front room, as she herself is happy to announce to the world “I have stolen your side of the bed!”.

This does not really bother me too much because of the years of insomnia I did not want to keep Sheryl awake with my tossing and turning in bed. Besides that we are a family of 6 in a two bedroom flat so until we find a bigger council place it is just how things are.

Speaking of council places I live in a borough of London which owns the least number of properties out of any borough! According to them we are entitled to a 4 bedroom place only and in the near 2 years since I have been on the housing list only 3 have come up. The properties available are offered weekly so its 3 properties in almost 100 weeks! Β On those houses we came 51st, 81st and 86th on the lists so by reckoning we should get a place when the kids have all moved out!

Back to my point and off my soapbox though. Recently I have made my way into the bedroom again and into a proper bed, albeit the bed that Elizabeth is meant to sleep in!

Here are where I am encountering issues though

When I go to sleep I have to sleep on my laying on my right side, not on my back or front has to be right side!

I also cannot sleep unless I have background noise. In the front room on the sofa I set the timer on the Β TV to go off after 60 minutes so I can sleep listening to the TV.

In the bedroom with Sheryl and Lilybet asleep in the other bed I really struggle to fall off to sleep without any noise. I lay in bed thinking and this is NOT good.

It can take me over an hour before I actually drift off!

What tips can you share to help me sleep because I am enjoying sleeping in a bed again after 3 years! Even the sound of snoring and farting is comforting but not enough to help me sleep (sorry Sheryl – giggles)**

I am wondering if I am risking a set back in my recovery by moving into the bedroom because the time spent thinking about things before sleep is not something I enjoy as I do not sit there thinking happy thoughts!

Also please help me share my book around as I have decided to use the royalties from my book to buy Sheryl a Kindle for Christmas and so far have not earned enough to get her one πŸ˜€

23 comments on “Change of Sleeping Habits

  1. My hubs also needs background noise. We’ve compromised on a white noise maker playing “rain”. We also have one in the kids room so they can’t hear the T V if we’re watching after they go to bed. I really like it now. Maybe so would Sheryl, it blocks out outside noises.


      • Yes – everything wakes me up – a restless roll-over, a nose whistle, a truck driving by. It has helped me too since the white noise blocks it out. It took a few nights to get used to it and pick a volume and sound upon which we could agree. Now we travel with one.


  2. Don’t stay lying there, get up, do something quiet and go back and try again later. These odd hours can be quite productive (I sew or read) and you aren’t tossing and turning or worrying about why you can’t sleep.


  3. hi can I buy a copy of yr book off amazon going to tell all ny friends about the book in the hope you make enough money for the present


  4. Hey,
    My mum hasn’t been able to sleep without noise since my brother died. She wears earphones plugged in to a radio. Wouldn’t disturb anyone else

    Lucy x


  5. I don’t know how long it has been since I slept in my bed lol. I have been on the couch forever. I have had a strange compulsion to sleep in the front of the house so I know what is going on. But I have since given my big nice bed over to my dog Sasha lol. Now if I go in there and lay down with her, I am afraid my cats will be offended lol. Enjoy your bed and try not to think so much Garry! xx


  6. …. I also like noise in the background. I listen to the radio in the background turned down really low. Maybe try music/radio with headphones (already suggested I think) xx


  7. I am the EXACT same way. I used to fall asleep to the TV on a timer, but then my BF moved in and he needs complete and total dark / silence. I thought I’d never get to sleep, bu then I began to like falling alseep in this manner. Only problem was I could hear each and every single thud, bump. His teenage son would be up all night long. It was maddening. I finally discovered Netflix on my iPhone. I fall asleep listening to old television series on there and since it goes off after the show ends there is no need for a timer. I do like listening to music sometimes, too. Right now, my fave is Christina Perri. If you have a phone of any sort you should be able to find something on there to help you sleep. Oh, I only use one ear bud because I can’t lie with both on. Hurts my ear. Luck, Michele


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