The Kindness of Others

I have to admit every so often I am amazed at the level of support I receive as a result of writing my blog.

The amount of kindness shown to me today regarding the review, which ruined my day, has blown me away.

There is nothing so sweet as receiving messages of support and thanks from strangers and it makes me so proud that someone has taken the time to do something like that to show me support.

I have spent my day stalking celebrities on twitter to drum up some publicity for my books and blog but alas they are not helping me out, anyone would think they get lots of requests like this :0)

Patch has gone to a new home tonight, I feel bad for having to let him go but my health has to come first and now the dog has gone my cat has reappeared from her hiding place and is all over me. This is much more like it as I have always been a fan of pus... cats (sorry could not resist- giggles)

And at 9.30pm my phone rang and it was Dr Dhanji on the phone thanking me for all the kind comments I have said about him, he deserves the praise he is a top man but for him to take the time to phone me speaks volumes for him as a person!

To everyone who has commented, rated the review as unhelpful and offered me support it really means a lot to me and has helped me immensely.

I will keep up my good work if you keep up yours!

5 comments on “The Kindness of Others

  1. Sometimes the kindness of strangers is a greater comfort than that of others. We speak fron the heart, there is nothing to get in the way. It is also, like having someone alongside as I push forward on my journey, when I read your words. Thanks Garry


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