Crashing Down to Earth

I wanted to share a review of The Diary of The Depressed Moose that was posted on yesterday.

It was the 6th review I had received but the first that was not a 5 star review, in fact it was a 2 star review that ripped the book to pieces

Book Review


Fair enough I hear you say, people are entitled to their opinion, especially when they have paid for your book. I can accept bad reviews when warranted.

BUT, and this is where it gets interesting and personal.

The person who left that review is Sheryl’s bets friend! Someone who I do not like and who does not like me.

Sheryl told her about the book, she did not find it on a random search! and for her to post a review like this is an attack on me because of our dislike for each other!

Yet, I do nothing to her never speak to her, never discourage Sheryl from seeing her and certainly would not waste my breath on something like this which could have an adverse affect on sales of my book.

The problem is that because of this spiteful act my confidence, and happy mood, has been shot to pieces! All the negative thoughts I had been working hard to block out came tumbling out again last night and seeing as she herself suffers depression I believe she knew exactly what would happen when I saw this review.

And so I am back to square one because of a “friend”.

Sheryl is not impress to say the least…


40 comments on “Crashing Down to Earth

  1. Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that. Seems strange that anyone would want to do something like that, and then lie about finding it on a random search. Did you not think you would call her out on it? Don’t get down moose, all the other people thought it was awesome and it seems that she’s obviously got some of her own issues rather than actually finding fault with the book. I am looking to purchase it soon and I will leave my own review. πŸ™‚ x


  2. i read the review i found it basicly to be a persoinal attack on your self rather then a review. i would not let the cow get to you mate not many people have the bottle to write a book or a blog just let it go over your head pal shes not worth it just keep up the good work


  3. Hi, only recently joined your blog posts so this is my first comment. I took a sneaky peek at the reviews. The only bad one I can only think could be a case of the little green eyed monster and of course a personal dig. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the self obsessed bit, she obviously does not read anybodys autobiography as it would be too self obssessed!!!!! Maybe the Moose shoud write one ….Best wishes..:)


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  5. I’m sorry. But it’s stuff like that why I hate people … Don’t take it too seriously… she seems to have issues with herself, otherwise she wouldn’t do something like that I guess.


  6. OH! how low of you Sheryl’s best friend to break someone down jut to make your own self feel better. Gary i will help you edit as best i can if you’d like. then someone else can take it from there. what a bunch of bs. she could have been a little more constructive with her criticism or said nothing at all. you odnt need people like that in your life buddy πŸ™‚


  7. Ooh OUCH! Incredible what spiteful people are capable of.

    See it this way. Books with bad reviews get taken more seriously especially if people then contest the bad review. What you need is readers descending on her and taking her review apart, daring her to “be specific”, and then annihilating every point she tries to make.

    TB honest I’m now really curious about your book and if I had funds in my Paypal I’d go and get a copy. Tell me, who is the publisher?


  8. Ignore her, she is just making a personal attack on you. Maybe she is jealous because you have managed to achieve this! Anyway, please do not believe what she has said, your books are great and you have done a lot to be proud of. Keep going Moosey! (Also, sorry this comment is so late – been rather busy, then internet issues x


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