I Don’t Want Today to End

Today has honestly been the best day I have had in months maybe even years!

Here is a look at why today has been so great:

  • My books sales are in 3 figures
  • Alastair Campbell retweeted me – My 1st ever celebrity retweet woot woot
  • This blog has had over 400 views today – my highest ever number
  • I have been contacted by a journalist who wants to use a post for an online website

I can honestly say the past few weeks of struggles have been worth it to appreciate an incredibly positive day like today!

Who wants a boogie with The Moose?

Today has beaten the whole of last week LOL

19 comments on “I Don’t Want Today to End

  1. brilliant, glad things are going well for you, i have just joined twitter i shall try and follow you there as well i am a bit rubbish with technology as you know 🙂 but i am learning keep on having good times 🙂


  2. You’re getting out there, aren’t you? Hold onto this when you have those down days where you feel like all your efforts have been wasted…. xx


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