Super Saturday!

I feel great this morning, the relief of making it through my medical unscathed has lifted the weight of my shoulders today.

As we know I think it is important to celebrate every little victory when it comes to battling depression and removing this stress from my life, for the short term at least, will hopefully allow my stomach to settle down slightly so I can stock up on toilet roll for the next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I can focus on my writing again as I have barely written anything over the past two weeks, after 20000 words in theย previousย 2 weeks I have added around 5000 in the last fortnight.

Hoping that the “mojo” is still there when it comes to starting up again, I know how the story will finish and a few other plot lines but tying it all together is causing me difficulties.

I may even surprise the wife today by getting off my backside and doing the housework for her so when she gets back from her mums later she can relax, lord knows she could do with the break. I’m not I WILL do it but I am seriously considering it :0)

My depression has been well behaved the past few days it has been the anxiety and IBS that has caused the most difficulties but as I am feeling relatively stress free things are looking good. Proof of this is the fact I have only been to the toilet once this morning compared to 6 times by this time yesterday.

Maybe I will have a little sleep first though as I am still feeling exhausted from lack of sleep over the last few weeks.

What plans have you got for the weekend? maybe buying a book? (yeah I know, but I couldn’t resist a little plug) :0)

11 comments on “Super Saturday!

  1. I agree! Every victory should be celebrated big or small! Also, I think helping the wife while you are feeling good is a wise thing that will be worth it in the end ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Yay Moose!! Hope you have a lovely weekend! And I’m sure your wife would appreciate the help if you feel up to it, I personally always feel better after doing a bit of cleaning – that’s why I’m cleaning the fridge at the moment. Although I’m quite hyper today so maybe that’s why! Oh well, anyway, back to what I was saying… glad that the depression is behaving itself at the moment, and the book looks great so far, I’m sure you’ll get some inspiration to continue writing soon!! Now off to clean that fridge, accompanied by Michael Buble “Feeling Good”!! xx


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