My Dealing With Atos

Type Atos into Google and sit back and read horror story after horror story about Atos and how bad the medical had gone, how unprofessional the health care professional (HCP) was etc etc and by the time your medical comes around you are a bag of nerves!

A bit like me this morning πŸ˜€

And so I made my way to my medical with the unfortunate weegee being unwell and thus unable to attend.*

Luckily by the time I got her message I was too far down the road to justify turning back and not going!

An hour and 20 mins after leaving home I walked out of Archway underground station and made my way to the medical centre for my assessment. Ten minutes later I realised I had gone the wrong way and headed back from where I had come from, but that is besides the point πŸ˜€ although it did little to ease my nerves.

I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment time and sat in the office waiting for my appointment. Filled out the forms they gave me and had a much needed toilet visit!

The receptionist even gave me a form to fill in to claim money back for travel expenses which I did not know I could do!

My appointment was for 2.10pm but at 2pm my name was called, first time I have ever been seen early by anything connected to the DWP! Always gets a bonus point from me!

The lady (I can’t remember her name though) introduced herself and told me to relax and not be nervous, she could tell I was anxious and really tried to help me settle.

I was surprised at how much she knew about my illnesses and she had obviously read my notes prior to seeing me.

Her questions were not designed to trick me into anything other than telling the truth, I did not once feel like she was trying to interrogate me or cause me to make a mistake that could be held against me.

All the questions were based on my mental health illnesses and not my physical abilities. I was not examined physically at all.

At one point when I got upset she even calmed me down and gave me time to compose myself, didn’t rush me at all.

After I explained all about my IBS, my depression, possible new diagnosis of Bipolar and how it affects my life and daily routines it was all over. No pain, no suffering just relief that I had been treated like a human being and not like a number.

The lady treated me with respect, compassion and dignity and was nothing like I had read on other sites.

Now I understand that lots and lots of people are having problems with Atos but I can only write about my own experience and can honestly say it was very positive!

Did I get lucky with my HCP?Β possibly I did but then could it also be the case that it is easier to write a negative story about Atos rather than stick your neck on the line and write something positive?

All I need now is a letter from DWP stating that I passed my medical and all is good in Mooseland until the next medical comes around.**

Atos for me did good today! I hope that many others get as lucky as I did so that there is something positive found on Google about them!

* seriously weegee dont feel bad!

** is it kinda strange that I celebrate my illnesses being so bad that passing a medical that makes me unfit for work is an achievement?

22 comments on “My Dealing With Atos

  1. …. I do feel bad though I try never to let people down – sorry sorry sorry again. I am a bit unfortunate aren’t I? 😦

    Sounds like you got on okay without be though and I’m glad your experience was a positive one. Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you read, eh?

    Love WeeGee

    PS I finally made it out of bed after four attempts. Oh and hope you enjoyed MY happy meal πŸ™‚


  2. thank God that you had a good experience! All that worry for nothing right? lol It is true I have learned, that more people who review are the ones that did have a bad experience. Those were probably the people that didn’t pass for some reason.Congrats for you Garry!!!!


  3. Yayy!! So glad it went well, I was thinking of you today, hoping it would go well!! I hope this might mean you will be less worried next time! And I’m glad that the woman was nice and actually understood/knew about your illnesses! x


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  5. I do so hope that your positive experience translates into the right result for your benefits. Personally, I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet but please keep us all posted when you get the result. Perhaps all the recent bad publicity has had some impact on them; especially regarding mental health conditions. Fingers crossed.


  6. I had my atos medical in May and had a similar experience which did lots to ease my anxiety. Just had my benefit changed (huge backlog here) but have to be reassessed in 3 months. The atos lady was much more understanding about my depression than the last GP I saw 😦


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