Atos Vs The Moose

Tomorrow is the big day when I have to attend my medical to force me off sickness benefits and back into work. Well I say work its more a case of forcing me to sign on and receive rejection after rejection while the people at the job centre look down their noses at me and make me feel like shit for not finding work.

Even though it is THEIR job to help me back into work most of them couldn’t care less about the person in front of them as they are too busy shouting across the room to a colleague!

Back to tomorrow though and I am stressed, nervous, anxious and determined all rolled into a potent cocktail of emotions. I am determined because I want to make the most of the assessment to help other people like you who have not gone through the process yet know what to expect from them.

We already know the result the government has predetermined that I am going to fail the medical because they take no consideration of mental health issues into account. As far as they are concerned I am fit for work because I can breath and lift my arms.

Problem for them is I will appeal and appeal until eventually they revise it just to get me off their backs! I will exhaust all avenues because that means I can help other people when they have to go through the same process that I am about to.

Sharing advice and information about how these people operate will only help others. I am expecting a few fun and games tomorrow based on what information is available on Google but that will only count against them when it comes to the fun of my appeal. One thing I am good at is writing letters of complaint and appeals, besides I know my little blogging buddy is ready to kick some ass too 😀

Hopefully I can get a decent nights sleep so wake up feeling refreshed, although that would probably count against me LOL so maybe I should stay up all night and walk in like a zombie 😀

Either way it is going to be an interesting experience and one that I intend to use to help other people, yeah I know I am a noble moose 🙂


12 comments on “Atos Vs The Moose

  1. I have been thinking about you in the last half hour. Not just because I have been playing songpop either (will you stop beating me!!!! 😉 ) I wanted to drop by and say good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you xox


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