The Point of no Return

Reblogged for world suicide prevention day! this talk about my own battle with suicide and how close I came to it,

The Depressed Moose

The photo above was taken from the gardens of my flats. My flat is the one on the top floor.

The window on the top right is where I lean out off and smoke. It is the window I stare out of and think, sometimes deeply, about my life. It is where I watch the foxes with their new cub, the pigeons and the squirrels fighting over the bread we throw out.

It is also the most important window in my life!

It is the window I considered throwing myself out off during my darkest days and on more than occasion! On the last one I had one leg up on the window sill and was ready to go but something pulled me back, what it was I do not know but that night was the day I decided to see my Doctor and get help.

Lots of people with depression get suicidal thoughts or impulses…

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