Super Moose

The following happened less than an hour ago and I am still shaking with relief and anger.

I went for a walk to Tesco to get some supplies so I could finally cook some dinner. As I am walking near the entrance about 30 ft in front of me were a couple of women chatting away with their backs to the road. They had young children with them including one in a push chair but they were too busy talking to notice anything.

Suddenly a gust of wind came from nowhere and the buggy was suddenly heading towards the main road! Did they notice? Did they heck!

Without thinking I sprinted towards the buggy and managed to get there just as the first wheel left the kerb and dragged it on the pavement! If it had gone in the road I have no doubt that I would have put myself in front of the buggy to stop the kid getting hit by a car!

Only at this point did the two women notice anything out of the ordinary!

Let alone the fact that the baby could have been hit by the stream of cars on the road!

My reward? a look of pure filth like I was trying to abduct the baby and not even a thank you!

Still on a positive note if the book writing doesn’t take off I can always make the use of these new moose senses that were tingling at that moment!

And I canย trulyย say I am proud of myself for a change ๐Ÿ˜€

16 comments on “Super Moose

  1. So you should be proud of yourself! If the pushchair had gone into the road, you would have been blamed for not doing anything… Good for you for not just standing by and for actually taking positive action.


  2. God used you as that child’s guardian angel to rescue it. That feeling warm, pleased and thrilled feeling you have right now feels fantastic, doesn’t it ? You’re gift from God ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am so happy for you !!!!


  3. wow that was awesome. isn’t it strange how they took anger out on you that should haver been directed at themselves. basic human nature I guess but one I dislike a lot.


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