Need to Get this off my Chest

I will readily admit that I like a moan, heck it helps me get it out there and off my chest so I can move on to the next thing I can find to moan about.

This is something that has bothered me for a week or more though and to be perfectly honest it has really pissed me off!

I don’t swear very often in my blog, as opposed to real life where every other word would make a nun blush. I make the effort not to curse in my writing because I don’t want people to be offended so excuse the odd one now and again.

My poetry book had submissions from 41 people. Each of them was sent a message when the book was completed to give them access to a free copy as a thank you from me for sending a poem in.

Out of those 41 people a grand total of 6 people actually sent me a reply saying thank you for all the hard work I had put into editing and formatting the book for kindle, for smashwords and for paperback versions. Each one required a different format and it took plenty of hard work and long hours from me to actually get it finished.

Now I was not expecting them to name their first born after me or anything extreme like that but surely I am not wrong to be upset that they couldn’t be bothered to reply saying thank you?

I also asked if they would write a review on the book and apart from one person (Debbie) that has yet to be done despite the fact that 33 people have purchased their free copy of the book.

I feel like I wasted my time with this project and don’t understand why those who got involved wont help me by spending a few minutes to write a review that would help other people decide if they want to buy the book or not.

Or maybe I just expect too much from people…

Anyhoo now that’s off my chest I feel better

21 comments on “Need to Get this off my Chest

  1. Sorry, I have been a little pre-occupied recently, I do really appreciate the work you have put into it, but haven’t done much more than re-tweet about it so far. I’ll try and put a review together in the next few days.


  2. Sorry from me too. I have been in the hospital and just got out 5 days ago. Still very under the weather. WIll do my best to promote on my blog, etc. A big thank you for all your work! I *do* appreciate it, even though I didn’t communicate this to you at the time.


  3. the best thing about doing good things that are helpful to others is just the good feeling that others can read and be comforted by those words you edited and went through so much to make possible.


  4. maybe deciding your reasons for doing the book might help you…did you have expectations you put on people? these people probably struggle like you do and may not have it in them to do what you hope.


  5. I don’t think any one has been deliberately ungrateful. After all they sent you their own work, which they put a lot of their own time and effort into and let you publish it as your book under your name for no financial reward.

    The whole focus of the compilation was getting across the voices of those with mental health difficulties – and everything that goes with that. What I’m trying to say is that I guess a lot of your contributors are vulnerable people with an awful lot on their plates. Maybe it was as much as they could manage to write and submit their content?

    Try not to take it to heart, or to judge them….

    Lots of love, WeeGee xxx


  6. I apologise for not expressing my gratitude but you certainly have not wasted your time with this project.

    From a personal view, I do feel awkward reviewing something that I have contributed to (not just books) but I have encouraged my counsellor to pay for and download a copy (she’s not great with computers). I’ll ask her if she can write a review as well, from a more ‘neutral’ perspective.


  7. Sorry moosey, I am behind, but what book? Is there a word document? I am blind so, dont have a kindel, and cant read paper books, but would certainly buy a copy if you’d let me have a word document copy of it. Any chance of that?


    Carol anne


  8. I just bought it, thanks. I could buy in rtf so I can read in word. It looks pretty cool, I will do a review once I read it. ❤ ❤ to you Garry, looking forward to reading your diary too!

    Carol anne


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