An Interesting Development

Man walks into a zoo and offers the management money in exchange for a fluffy white bear.

Manager says “whats wrong with you? we don’t sell animals!”

Man says “oh don’t mind me, I’m bipolar!”


Please accept my apologies for the terrible joke! However I found it very funny and I’m still giggling as your reading this!

I had my monthly Dr’s appointment this afternoon where I told him about my mood swings. How I am either up or down with nothing in between and he thinks I may be bipolar.

Bipolar is the term for what used to be known as manic depression, so I was not surprised with what he said. I had gone into the appointment expecting it as the research into the symptoms certainly indicated it was a possibility.

He also referred me to see a psychiatrist in July and was keen to find out how I had gone on with them.

Imagine his surprise when I told him that I heard nothing from them so he checked my records. It turns out that I had been discharged from the Mental Health Services without seeing them, or speaking to them because my PHQ9 score had gone down a couple of times.  Despite the fact over the past 2 months it has gone up and stayed up!

So now I am back to square one of waiting to be seen by a shrink and back to the bottom of the waiting list.

I have also been referred to a local therapy group for some CBT but they have not been in touch yet either, but they have only had the letter three weeks so who knows when I will hear anything.

And so it all adds to the stress levels……

The flip side is I actually prefer the term manic depression to bipolar, makes me feel special to be called manic 🙂

However as I am in a good mood today I am going to let it was over me and deal with when the need arises.

As my favourite kitty would say “this too shall pass”


36 comments on “An Interesting Development

  1. I can understand the attraction to the word “manic”…it is a great word. But how can you go past Bipolar after that joke? Sucks about the appointments though. Dumb ass scheduling!


  2. good joke! get in touch if you have any questions about being bipolar. i was diagnosed at 19, disagreed and went without medication for close on 20 years, and was rediagnosed as bipolar in my 40’s. i have had very good luck navigating services from the mental health folks in ireland and here in canada. watch the anti-depressants, the wrong ones can trigger mania. all the best, catherine


    • thanks Catherine the dr doesnt want me to change meds as he is worried about me getting addicted to them (i have an addictive nature which i explained to him) so im happy to plod away until i see a specialist


  3. That is terrible about them discharging you without seeing you! I hope the referral goes through quickly this time! It will be good to see a specialist as they will be able to give you a proper diagnosis. I also mentioned to my doctor today about the possibility of bipolar, apparently bipolar is frequently misdiagnosed as depression. Glad you are in a good mood though 🙂 x


  4. Oh don’t get me started on mental health services, took me a year of going back and going ‘erm, still starving myself to death!’ before I got any help! My local eating disorder service are picky about BMI… I eventually got a psychiatric nurse.

    I hope you get to see your shrink eventually! Sounds like you have a good Doctor anyhow.

    It also took me a couple of reads to get the joke… *hangs head in shame*



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