Reward if Found…

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Have you seen this? Please let me know if you find this anywhere because it appears mine has upped sticks and headed for the hills.

There are so many things I need to be doing right now. Hell the books are not going to sell themselves without me advertising them, but they are not selling anyway with constant tweets and facebook posts so whats the damn point!

I am not feeling good today, this poxy Atos medical next week is turning me into a wreck.

My IBS is causing havoc again and the meds I have got for it do nothing!

I am trying to not let things get to me really I am but this morning everything has got on top of me.

I am hoping I still feel this way tomorrow when I have my appointment with the Dr so he can see me in my down mood rather than when I feel good and he tells me how much improvement I have made.

So today I am planning on wallowing in self pity because in 14 hours a new day will begin and I might feel better then!


17 comments on “Reward if Found…

  1. Kniw a little bit how your feeling garry I cba whith shit atm been up all night worrying I had a row with my best mate yesterday morning and I thought I had ruined a really good freindship I tried to soryt it out yesterday with him as it was my fault we faught but he blanked me untill an hour ago saying don’t worry everythings ok. If your feeling down just take some time out I spent most of yesterday and even now I’m still in bed not took me meds for 2 days so feeling very low. Try not to let the atos medical worry you so much I know it must be hard at least you have the option for a medical and to put your case accross I never even got that option and I can’t even appieal against it I see the esa adviser next friday and I’m worryed so I do know where your coming from mate keep your chin up colly.


  2. Hey you. My motivation is also gone.
    However, there are apps for sending out tweets/facebook posts. Also, try doing a blog post to get people to plug your book for you, or ask them to read it and do a review blog post. That’s more likely to get you more sales than tweets anyway.
    I’m more likely to buy a book, if someones reviewed it on a blog, rather than constant tweets.
    Some meds they give you for IBS are supposed to do nothing, they can make it worse too, because some of them are really sugar pills. If you find you’re suddenly more hungry, likely to be sugar pills. I know Colofac are fake. You’re better off getting an over the counter medication for it, rather than doctors ones. Things I find helpful, are anti-spasmonal tablets, like for muscle strains. They help me, when I have similar problems to you.
    Go to your doctor, but from now on, do a mood diary! Every single day, for months. You’ll save yourself a lot of time. Then give that to your doctor next time, and say, “HEY LOOK I DID ALL THIS STUFF, READ IT”. Yep.
    Oh and also, big massive hugs x


      • yeah. Thats how lacking in motivation I am. Lol.
        Yeah, print some stuff out or show it to them, because if you get referred or whatever, they’ll say, “do a mood diary see you in three months” if you already have something, they cant tell you to do it again! x


  3. Do remember that you don’t have to sell a thousand copies in the first few weeks… It takes time – unless your name’s J.K. Rowling and you have millions to spend on advertising and book signing events, etc,!!

    There’s nothing wrong with a little wallowing. It can help to ‘release’ and then, we can reflect on our emotions and feelings afterwards.

    I hope the Atos medical goes well for you. šŸ™‚


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