Getting Dressed…Part 3..IBS is going to ruin my life!

This is getting beyond a joke now

The time is 11.36 I have been awake 3 hours and I have now had to change into my 3rd set of underwear!

It has nothing to do with diet either because I have not eaten anything today.

I really want to able to not wash these items of clothing and take them with me to my “fit for work assessment” next week and show Atos why I am unable to work!

As if I am not having enough problems with depression I think the IBS will finish me off before the depression does.

Atos Dr: “So Mr Williams why do you feel unable to work?”

Me: “Let me show you!”

I am not a benefit scrounger I am unable to work because not only do I have depression I am also unable to leave home without the genuine fear that I am going to shit myself! Not that the Dr at Atos will give a monkeys because my arms and legs are fully functioning so I am fit for work!

Just another thing to add to the list of causes for my depression!


20 comments on “Getting Dressed…Part 3..IBS is going to ruin my life!

  1. Really know where your coming from on this one garry been a suffer since I was 15 but the past 10years have been really bad I’m on 2 tablets for it which helps control it most of the time expect when I’m really worryed or stressed out you need to go bk your doctor if its still causeing you issues. If I have to go out for the day I will take a full packet of imodeium but little tip for you dry roasted peanuts there great for bunging you up.


      • Lopermide is what I’m on along with something else I will hav e to dig my blister pack out later work oyt what’s what I know I’m defo on 2 tablets for my tummy I find full cream milk makes me worse or I drink semi skimmed that’s helped me a lot might be something you have allready tried or something you could try


  2. I would probably be tempted to do the show and tell thing too. Maybe a series of pics? I think the only thing that would work with Atos is if you messed in your pants a few times and had to leave work. Tell them your story and maybe your employer could vouch for you. But that would call for embarrassment on your part. I wish I had an clear answer. (((hugs)))


      • with the way our government spends money, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t put together a group like that. although around here, people get a check for just being a drunk. I hope something works out for you.


  3. Well, you know, I had to show my self harm cuts at one interview… so perhaps show and tell is their way of doing things :/


  4. As I’ve already is said it makes me so angry that you are in this ridiculous situation grrr.

    Take it easy chicken – try not to get yourself too worked up about it xx


  5. i have had chronic diarrhea since i started having gallbladder problems and then had my gallbladder out. anytime i eat i have horrible runs 15 to 20 minutes later. at the moment i can’t leave the apartment at all. sigh.i have been researching the low fodmap diet. it comes out of australia, and quite a few people on the IBS forum swear they have some relief from following it. if you google low fodmap you will find a list of approved/banned foods and some recipes. good luck!


  6. oh moose, i am so sorry. that sounds so debilitating. i hope you will keep looking for some help with this… maybe a new medication or something. big hugs!


  7. Hi Garry,

    I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through and I wish I had something more constructive to say or more advice to offer in respect of it all.

    The hwhole assessment for work thing is such a pressure on people and I fully understand how this is adding to your stress levels at this time.

    One thing that I think we all need to remember when facing said assessments is that actually in the current climate it has little to do with the validity of your illnesses or conditions and evrything to do with the governments need to cut back on spending and therefore everyone is a target.

    Sadly the elderly and disabled are easy targets and that sucks, but it is in my opinion very important to remember that incase of a poor outcome as very often we take these things on and allow them to add to our depression.

    Your conditions including your depression is very valid and a poor outcome does not negate the validity of those conditions it simply demonstrates how faceless and heartless governments can be when they face hardships.

    Tragically that same awareness of current or forthcoming hardships doesn’t find its way to compassion for those of us who really are suffering and who face hardships every single day of our lives.

    My prayers are with you and I am hoping for a good outcome fr you. And hey, on the brightside, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that you will get one 🙂
    Kind Regards and God bless you.


  8. I know how this feels, its awful. Please if you can take someone too your assesment with you. I hope they make the right decision!


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