More Followers, Less Readers?

How does that work? I mean seriously how can I have a higher number of followers than daily readers these days.

Where has everybody gone?

Don’t you love the moose anymore?

Is anyone out there even reading this?

Buy my book

I did my monthly check on stats for August and at one point of the month I was averaging 240-250 readers a day, now its less than half that!

Speaking of stats I have not sold a book this month whats up with that?

Come back I will give you a moose hug.

Buy my book

I will post a photo of me wearing this….



Fear not though I am not going mad I am feeling great and thought a random post might lighten the mood for everyone.

Heck I even had a brainstorm a minute ago which will be revealed later in the week assuming I have not forgotten by then

Another good day for me and Arsenal won as well woot woot you may have even noticed some subtle messages in this post and as we all know this moose is a subtle as brick.

A brick with the words buy my book painted on it 😀

The weekend is over and the kids go back to school this week in the words of that great Scottish hero Mel Gibson “FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”****

I have a Doctors appoint on Wednesday and in a bizarre way I am really hoping my good spell is over by the time I see him because in the 10 days it usually takes to make an appointment my bad spell has gone and i breeze into his office all happy! Would be nice for him to catch me in a depressed state again as he thinks I am doing much better, well I am but still not better enough that I can start thinking of coming off meds, cancelling the non existent appointment with the shrink and going back to wo… no i cant say that word! I promised myself that 4 letter words as horrendous as that would not be used on my blog 🙂

September is 2 days old and the month has been great to me so far! I hope your weekend was great, mine was good and in my world good is great!


*** apologies to my Scottish friends of course I know his real name was Braveheart****

**** yes I know it’s William Wallace!

ps this post and its **** were heavily influenced by weegee in the hope it would make her smile. 🙂

if not I guess that happy meal offer can be upgraded to a medium meal with a milkshake

11 comments on “More Followers, Less Readers?

  1. Hi Garry,

    Depending on how the followers, follow you and the format in which they get notifications of your posts, and indeed the length of your posts it is possible that they are reading your posts without actually having to visit your site and thus will not show up on the stats.

    Additioanally it is equally possible that they are just not getting notifications properly. I for one have experienced that. And likewise these thing often, I find go in sporadic cycles.

    So don’t get discouraged 🙂 You are still loved just probably stealthily but then the best way to follow a moose is with stealh is it not?

    Love the hat
    Kind regards and God bless you.


    • thanks Kevin, it was just an observation really, its taken me a while but I have now got over the stats obsession from the past. I will only get worried if the comments stop lol how are things with you? hope your doing well!


  2. i usually read your posts in my feed reader, so i won’t show up in your stats. that might be true for those of us who follow many blogs at a time… so, still reading! still enjoying! c.


  3. Hey TDM, I follow your blog via my reader and often don’t have much to comment or say. Don’t take followers and reader stats to heart. I would rather have fewer closer friends that visit and comment regularly than hundreds of likes and followers.


  4. We are still here!! I hope the good mood stays, and I know what you mean about wanting the doctor to know you are not really better (the bad times are still very bad). It’s difficult but I’m sure your doctor understands. Like some of the others said, some people read your posts on the reader rather than on the site so it won’t show up. Don’t worry – be happy! 😀


  5. …. They may take our lives 😀

    I have duly noted the Happy Meal upgrade Mr Moose xx

    PS – If I go a bit mental I don’t read any posts for days on end but I always come back and catch up on my favourites (which includes yours)


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