Story of The Depressed Moose – A Children’s book

A while back I did a little photo strip story based on a day in my life with depression, see here to remind yourself of it.

I had a few people suggest I try writing a children s book back on that post so here is my attempt at a little children’s book for you to enjoy.

This is the story of a little moose.

The moose was popular with lots of friends all happy to play with him.

Moose with all his friends

Over time though his friends noticed that he was different. He was always unhappy and sad. His friends stopped playing with him and the poor moose was left all alone.

Friends of the moose

The poor little moose had to watch from the side as his friends all played without him.

Moose being left out by his friends

This made the moose even more sad, he started to hide away from everyone so they could not see how unhappy he was.

Moose hiding in his tent

On good days he would try really hard to make an appearance.

Scared Moose trying to leave home

He would sit at the window sadly watching the world outside, wishing he could be outside again.

Moose looking at his friends playing outside

One day he spotted a little girl playing outside and she looked up at the sad little moose and wanted to play with him.

The little girl was pleased to see the moose

She tried to encourage him to come outside, that there was nothing to be afraid off. The moose was scared especially when he came across a stranger.

The stranger was not sure of the moose. He took an instant dislike to him because he was different.

The stranger wanted to harm the poor little moose.

Luckily for moose the little girl came to his rescue and saved the day. She took him home and patched up his injuries.

Bruised and battered little moose

She took great care of him checking to make sure he was OK

Nursing the moose back to full health

Everyday she made sure he had his dinner ready

yummy dinner time!

and she loved sitting down with him to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

a cuppa to cheer the moose up!

They did everything together, The girl did not mind that he was unhappy and sad at times. She tried lots of things to make him happier. She read him books…

Reading to the moose

They went on bike rides together

Getting ready for a nice bike ride together

But best of all, what the moose loved the most was when the two best friends would just sit down together and enjoy a cuddle!

cuddles were the best thing ever for the moose!

In fact because the little girl showed so much love to the moose he was even able to make a new friend

The moose and his new friend

The moral of this story? If you know someone who is sad and unhappy why not try and make them happy with your friendship!

Big thanks to the camera shy (yeah right!!!) Lilybet for kindly agreeing (cried until i agreed) to have her photo taken.

28 comments on “Story of The Depressed Moose – A Children’s book

  1. If it wasn’t bad enough that the depression was attacking him he had a stranger physically attacking him too! But he was saved from himself and the stranger — how poignant! Loved this. Sounds like you and Lilybet had fun too! Xx


  2. You know how I feel about this one all ready !!! There is a need to address the fact that children are suffering from depression and a depressed little moose is a wonderful way to relate to them 🙂


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