Protection from Above

I was not going to share this incident but thinking over it some more have decided it is interesting enough to get peoples attention.

If you haven’t read about my “infamous” window story then check out the point of no return post before going any further.

Ok so you have met the window now yes?

Good then I shall continue.

Last night I was in a bad way, and to be perfect honest I was struggling.

The incident that happened last night, the handle of THAT window broke last night and it wont open!

I am not in a suicidal state of mind before anyone starts panicking

But does anyone else see the irony of that window being broken on the night that I was asking for prayers and protection?

You all know how strongly I believe in my guardian angels looking out of me, plus my new found relationship with religion, this only strengthens that belief.

7 comments on “Protection from Above

  1. I understand the need to find answers and reason, honestly, I do. As a non believer myself however I see no reason to attack you for your own personal beliefs, if they truly provide hope to you. And I would hope, so long as if you ever feel very very low, that the first thing you do would be to go to your docs rather than any spiritual guidance. Please tell me that you would?


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